In 1674 Hans Daigle from Vienna became a noted Voyageur, Coureur de Bois and fellow adventurer with Radisson and Grosseilliers. They helped open up Canada's interior and enlarge the fur trade into Hudson Bay.

By the way, speaking of Hudson Bay, did you know that the Hudson Bay Company was founded in 1670 by Prince Ruprecht or Rupert the son of the German Elector, Friederich the 5th von der Pfalz. The Pfalz is commonly known in english as the "Palatinate" region of Germany.

Prince Rupert; Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria and Cumberland was founder, main shareholder and first Governour of the Hudson Bay Company and of a large tract of land that bore his name; "Rupert's Land".

According to the British Royal Charter "Rupert's Land" covered the watershed areas draining into the Hudson Bay with a total of 1.4 million sq. miles.

Prince Rupert

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