This too, is a German-Canadian-Heritage Reflection.

I came to Canada as a small boy of 10 with my parents, refugees from war-torn europe. Ours was a turbulant history, like so many others'. I was born 1940 in Zwittau, Sudetenland, a German land which is now part of the Czech Republic. As the war ended in 1945 and immediately after the end of hostilities, a Holocaust was unleashed on the German people of this area. Mass killings, torture and rapings by Czechs and Russians went unstopped for many weeks, culminating with the expulsion of the Germans from their homes, as agreed to by the allied powers at the Potsdam conference in 1945.

Accounts describing the horrors of the expulsion of the German civilian population from the former German provinces east of the Oder-Neisse line, Pommerania, Silesia, East and West Prussia, the Sudetenland and ancient German communities in Eastern Europe, are kept in the national archives in Germany, but not publicised.
Over 21 MILLION German civilians are listed as dead, not having survived the expulsion.

Ethnic Cleansing? Genoicide ? H O L O C A U S T!

Of the 3.5 million Sudeten Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia, 300,000 did not survive the expulsion.
My family and I were lucky, we made it to a little town in Bavaria called Eichstaedt and from there to Montreal Canada, 5960 St. Urbain street to be exact. Starting off in school was not exactly a picknick. Having to defend myself physically every recess because I was German.
Disturbed at these incidents, I turned to my father for guidance. He explained many things to me, a great history lesson so to speak. As a result an interest in history developed and turned into a passion which has stayed with me all my life.

Over the years my research into German ethnic history has brought me many revelations.
The German Ethnic Group has contributed greatly towards the building of this province and this country. It's contributions are the reason for this site. Little known facts will be seen in the early history and settlement pages that will surprise many.

I wish, when the holocaust of the 6 million is remembered; that the holocaust of the 21 million is also remembered and of course there should also be Holocaust museums and memorials constructed to honour the 21 million, lest we forget. We though, the German Ethnic Group swallow everything meekly, afraid to stand up and say enough is enough, because we would be branded as Nazis, the most evil people on earth. This shadow, one might call it, hangs over each German, it keeps us subjugated, afraid to utter anything which could be construed as being remotely patriotic. The pride in our race is being taken from us. This bubble must burst.

It is with pride in my Heritage, that I present these pages.
Karl Heissler

The photos show Sudeten Germans in cattle cars, being expelled.
The bottom photo:
"Everything in order"... The transfer of a freight train stuffed full with expelled Sudeten Germans,with Chech, British and American Officers congratulating themselves.

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