1781 Sorel Quebec: Here in this house known as the governor's residence, General Friedrich Adolf von Riedesl, Commander-in-chief of German troops committed to the defence of Canada under British colours in the American war of independence gave a party on Christmas eve for some English officers and friends. On that occasion he along with his wife Friederike introduced the old germanic tradition of the lighted Christmas tree to Canada, to the astonishment of the admiring English guests. Baroness von Riedesel explained the meaning of the candle-lit tree along with its decorations of various fruits.
Thus it was that this delightful tradition was born in Canada.

In 1981, to honour the bicentennial of the first illuminated Christmas tree in Canada, the RT. Hon. Minister Andre Ouellet unveilled three new stamps at the site of the Riedesel's tree, at their house in Sorel, Quebec.

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